Some of the statues, like Téthys or Enarété, look nice by a pool. Others, like Canacé, Cyanée or Calycé, would look perfect in windy places.

The majority of them is made with a lace pattern that can be seen through. So it is recommended to install the sculpture in front of a nice view.


All the statues are now provided with a black matte base. Alternatively, they can be directly screwed to the floor.



The statues' shadow is part of the artwork. It can be seen on the floor or on a wall behind it, made by sunlight or an artificial one.


It is recommended to install a light in front of the statue, either on a ceiling or in the floor, which will make it sparkle.



All the nuts are welded one-by-one. They are made of Marine Grade stainless stell, an alloy of Molybdenum which will minimize rust. If some ever happens, it may be because the statue is located directly in front of the ocean. In this case, spray it with a phosphoric acid based solution (Corrobrill in France) and wash it regularly with clear water to get rid of the salt.


The shine of the statues may be weathered by elements over time. Simply use high pressure water and soap.

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